Pool Rental

Pool Rental Form

The pool can be rented for parties and other events. How would you like to have the whole pool all to yourself? Members can rent the facility for $100 paid to the Stanley Pool ($50 non-refundable deposit to be made at time of booking) ($50 due on day of party), plus the cost of the required number of guards (per party size), which includes full use of the facility for 2 hours.

Life Guard Costs

  • 1-25 people: $36 – 1 guard
  • 26-50 people: $72 – 2 guards
  • 51-75 people: $108 – 3 guards
  • 76-100 people: $144 – 4 guards
  • 101-125 people: $180 – 5 guards
  • 126-150 people: $216 – 6 guards
    Paid to :    Trident Pool Group
                        358 Crompton Rd.
                        Charlotte, NC 28273
    (at least 2 weeks prior to party)

For example if you are having a party which will have 25 people, you would pay $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve your date/time, and on the party day you would pay $86, which would be a total of $136.

Everyone present must abide by ALL rules. The rules are clearly posted at the facility. This includes NO ALCOHOL. Anyone that refuses to abide by all of the pool rules will be asked to leave the facility.

To reserve your event please call Melissa Branham at 704-678-4810 or send an email to stanleyrecpool@gmail.com. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date and time, and the remaining $50 is due the day of the party.

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